Deep Artwork by Pat Moriarity


Pat Moriarity’s Deep Artwork

edited by Michael Dowers

3D process by Christian LeBlanc

Giant sized 3D art zine. 32 pages measuring 12X9.5 inches. 3D mastermind, Christian LeBlanc has taken Moriarity’s powerful crazy art and turned it into a brain-bending, eye-shattering experience. Iggy Pop’s butt has never stuck out farther. Between Pat Moriarity’s art and Christian LeBlanc’s 3D work, all the different colored pages, and the large magazine size with rounded corners, this book is a circus of visual delights. Printed on glossy 120g paper with 300g cardstock covers. A unique limited edition that is sure to sell out. Each book comes with a free pair of 3D glasses. $21.50 with free shipping.


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